Honeybelle is a limited company integrated by Caspian Apiaries which is managed by Hossein Yeganeh Rad. This company is specifically aimed at city beekeeping. It also focuses on the production of honey at elevations lacking chemical residues.
One of the problems related to today’s beekeeping is the decrease in the number of bees and the high age of beekeepers, and this creates the need for urban beekeeping. On the other hand, some people buy honey bees without sufficient knowledge about the right methods in order to take care and maintain their lives. These problems lead to bee diseases and as a result they will disappear. On the other hand, the health of other bees in the wild will be endangered
Diseases such as Nosema, Varroa mite, Amoebae, and radiation alone can cause colony destruction. Apart from the Varroa mite, other diseases are microbial and transmitted quickly. The diseased colony causes the bees to rob the honey from the hive. As a result, the disease becomes epidemic and the bees will die.
In today’s beekeeping, such issues as biological control are not common. We have options to use natural products for disease control; however, relying on the hygienic behavior of honey bees is not practical.

Members can join us and experience the special plans for city beekeeping designed by Honeybelle.
That is why we strongly recommend anyone to practice beekeeping as a hobby or professional career and learn the production and application methods of beekeeping. When beekeepers with more than two- generation experience in beekeeping lose their bees, it is optimistic that keeping bees for ordinary people will become possible. On the other hand, this is not viewed as an ordinary experience.
Some other insects have common diseases with honey bees; as a result, they can endanger bees’ lives. Besides, Varroa mite can spread disease over 30 kilometers.
If you are enthusiastic about beekeeping, you can come to us and learn proper beekeeping. None of the bee pathogens and diseases is common with humans.